10 Things to Look for In Children's Book Publishers

Publishing a children's book is a cherished dream for many authors across the world. It's not just about writing a pleasing story but also about finding the right publisher who can bring that story to life in the most impactful way. Numerous publishers are in the market, each with unique offerings. It's important to know what factors to consider when choosing the perfect match for your children's book. .

Children's Book Publishing

Wondering what these factors are? Well, don't worry! Book Publishing HQ is here to help. Here are a few factors that you need to consider before you strike a deal

Reputation and Track Record

A children’s book publisher's reputation speaks volumes about their credibility and success. According to a survey by The Independent Publishing Magazine, 82% of authors considered a publisher's reputation as the most important factor in their decision-making process. For example - Penguin Random House has built a sterling reputation over the years by publishing beloved children's books like "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.

Alignment of Targeted Audience

Aligning your book's target audience with the publisher's focus is important. Ensure that the publisher's focus aligns with the specific age group, genre, and themes of your children's book. Different children book publishers cater to various demographics, from toddlers to young adults. They have distinct specialties, such as educational materials, picture books, middle-grade fiction, or young adult novels. For instance, Scholastic is known for its emphasis on educational materials. It might be a great fit if your book targets school-aged children. This alignment ensures that your books connect well with the publisher's existing audience.

Distribution Channels

The breadth and reach of a children’s book publisher's distribution network significantly impact your book's accessibility. Publishers with extensive networks include major bookstores, online platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as library distributions. They enhance the visibility and availability of your book. Children's book publishers like HarperCollins Children's Books have an extensive network. It includes major bookstores, online platforms, and library distributions. This broader reach increases the visibility and accessibility of your book to a vast audience.

Royalty Rates and Contracts

Understanding the financial aspect of anything is quite important. A study by Writer's Digest revealed that 46% of authors consider royalty rate and contract terms as a primary consideration. Carefully review the royalty rates offered by potential publishers and thoroughly examine contract terms. Advance payments, royalty percentages, rights retention, and subsidiary rights are critical factors. Balancing fair royalty rates and favorable contract terms is essential for long-term success.

Editorial Support and Quality

Strong editorial support from a children's book publisher can enhance the quality of your book. Publishers with dedicated editorial teams provide valuable feedback, guidance, and editing services to refine your manuscript. They ensure that the story structure, grammar, and overall narrative are polished to captivate young readers. Book Publishing HQ is known for its keen editorial processes. It ensures that published works meet high-quality standards, enhancing the book's marketability and appeal.

Illustration and Design Services

There's no doubt in saying that visual appeal plays an important role in children's books. Book publishing services offering exceptional illustration and design services enhance the visual storytelling aspect of your book. Collaborating with talented illustrators and designers elevates the book's aesthetic appeal. Publishers like Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing are known for their collaborations with renowned illustrators like Eric Carle for books like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." They ensure visually captivating and engaging storytelling.

Marketing and Promotion

A strong marketing and promotion strategy is essential for a book's success. Publishers with comprehensive marketing plans conduct online campaigns, arrange book tours, engage in social media promotions, and participate in book fairs to maximize exposure. Book Publishing HQ's strategic marketing initiatives ensure that their published works receive substantial visibility and engagement from potential readers.

Author Involvement and Support

Different book publishing services offer varying levels of author involvement in the publishing process. Some authors prefer more active participation in decision-making processes and promotional activities. For instance, Chronicle Books encourages author involvement. They foster a collaborative publishing experience. They ensure that the author's voice and vision are respected throughout the process.

Reviews and Testimonials

Researching reviews and testimonials from other authors published by the company provides valuable insights into the publisher's working style and support for authors. Understanding their experiences aids in making an informed decision. This includes communication, support during the publishing journey, and overall satisfaction of working with the publisher.


In the hunt to bring your children's book to life, the choice of a publisher becomes an important chapter in your journey as an author. Considerable research and analysis into each aspect discussed above can help you find your way to a successful partnership. Remember, reputation matters! According to a survey conducted by Book Baby, 70% of authors believe that a book publishing service's reputation is crucial in their decision-making process. So, before you make any decision - research wisely.

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